POS solution with Oracle APEX and focused on reporting

marzo 30, 2009

Every business based on shoping and customer attendant needs a pos solution that would not only be able to register sales but register all cash opens aswell. Owner is not all time at shop and inventory is not allways up to date. How do you notice if someone is not registering "some sales"? You need a cash drawer and a software that could inspect when that is opened and when is closed.

Our goal would be to know which percent of cash openeds against sales registered. Allways there were a number of money changes to not customers but in certain cases you could avoid this with notices similar to "money changes not allowed". Once you have shopping under control you can invest your time on what you realy want: to determine how your business is going, or other way said, reporting your data.

Not many owners pass the frontier beetwen handling pos operations or handling result data. Many spent the time looking for cameras, new personal, and new ways to control, when the only thing you must do is to count sales and cash openeds. Then you can set a desviation as a barrier your business can't pass.

Standard pos software let you operate a lot of shoping situations and then report then in a predefined manner, not allowing special customer reporting like "who bought that item when another similar was out of stock at weekend?". to do this you need a reporting solution that could operate against your pos datasources and perhaps the inventory solution provided by your sales representative. The only way is to adopt a BI software or buy a pos software build over a framework like Oracle APEX. If you register your sales in a Oracle database in turn of doing that inside an Access table like most do, then you could get an extra, not previewed result: compare your data not depending on your software provider, doing that with a open source tool like Jasper Server.

Imagine a net of shops under a mark that is sending sales data when idle and all information is accessible from central office by a web 2.0 application, a common place to query inventory, staff presence, sales, orders, invoices, tickets. That scenario give us the oportunity of query data without notify the shop assistant and let us control
inventory in a centralized way. Obvioubsly you can query sales data that us not yet transmited to central and total them at real time, at every pos and at any time.

You could search a commercial software to do this but it not exist exactly the way i described before. Perhaps SAP does sure but you do not have enough money so you only have one chance to accomplish this: hire a consultor.
So that is what i offer you: a complete pos solution for a net of shops connected by a VPN that lets you access your data at real time and is stored centraly inside an Oracle database and is exposed to user by a secured web 2.0 application. It sounds good and is real with source code inside database.

It runs. Contact me.


2 comentarios to “POS solution with Oracle APEX and focused on reporting”

    • Now I am working for tecnica24.es and my pos solution is being rewriting to APEX 4.2. We will launch a demo version very soon. We maintain your contact to show you as soon as possible. Thanks.


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