What is interested on Oracle? Sun or MySQL?

abril 28, 2009

Today i waked up with the most surprising new of nearly last 20 years: Oracle buys Sun. Last week i knew that finally IBM abandoned his purchase for Sun and most of us get surprised aswell. But this is a better choice for Sun, because they have the best technology and Oracle has the best customer relationship.

What does it mean, for IT ground? First Oracle take 100% control over Java technology and his new flavour “javafx”, a clear competitor for Adobe Flex/AIR. Second, Oracle take 100% control over open source number one database MySQL. This two issues, together, make posible the start of a new era on IT in which Oracle has on hand, and perhaps on mind, the development of the most advanced, secured, and fast framework stack for database application development.

I think that Oracle’s goal is to get MySQL over its control, and then, like a gift, they also get SPARC technology and Solaris OS. I develop using Oracle APEX framework and many times thought about APEX running over MySQL. It sure could be a dream than now nearly posible. If Oracle makes MySQL 100% compatible with PL/SQL and SQL code they can maintain MySQL as a database technology entry for open source community applications and then make posible that those applications could be scaled out over a 100% supported database technology, and perhaps running over the most stable OS, Solaris, and finally contained inside the most advanced file system ZFS.

If finally Oracle does that we will win.



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