My new desktop for development

septiembre 16, 2009

Before i took holidays my Vista Desktop crash because somebody inserted an usb key infected with “isee.exe”. I used Vista as a virtual machine container for my vpc’s, one for development and another for office. I used Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 and all went fine until “isee.exe” infection,

I got tired of Vista and for my development work i just need Java, Oracle SQL Developer, Oracle JDeveloper, Firefox and a virtualization solution. So i decided to choose a new desktop environment. I thought about two posibilities: Buy a Mac or buid it with open source.

a) Buy a Mac: For 1.300 euros, i would receive a complete platform. Just need to add VMWare Fusion to virtualize or just VirtualBox. Apple has an interesting “Time Machine” solution for backup your files and drop you off time before. That’s what i was looking for: Run a virtualized PC and return to past without dealing with snapshots.

b) Build one: Just on my desktop DELL Optiplex 745, 4GB RAM, Dual Core 2 3.0GHZ. HOW?

1. OpenSolaris 2009.06.,, with “Time Slide” feature.

2. VirtualBox for OpenSolaris, for virtualization.

3. Download .iso’s for Debian, Ubuntu, Oracle Linux Enterprise.

4. Prepare virtual machines.

5. Download and install oracle techies, SQL Developer, SQL Data Modeler, JDeveloper, XE, over ORACLE LINUX.

6. Use Ubuntu for mail, VNC, browser.

7. Use Debian for internet looking.

That’s all but this does not replace an Apple iMac. Sure.



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