¿When will we have an Internet QoS serviced by that could make difference from work and home users?

septiembre 26, 2010

Talking about internet users, similarly talking about politics, there are two kinds of users. The ones, conservatives, use internet for daily work, most of them workers at offices, the others, progressives, use internet to explore, P2Ping, chating. The first ones want an internet as fast as possible because they are working at their offices and they need to send important mails, access goverment web pages, transfer money, etc. The second ones want a free internet to access webs to get the last films, new software, explore hacking issues, etc.

Those who work on internet are a little percent of users. The others who play from homes are the rest and represent a big percent of users. Sometimes nearly a 90% of users connected to internet, the originated traffic is for ludic purposses.

From a download size point of view, the ones represent only a 5-15% size of traffic, but the others 85-95% of “nothing important to make, to say, to view traffic”. I am an IT Manager and many time i have to deal with issues like “i am connected to the bank, i need urgently transfer this and is too slow” or like other day one friday at nine o’clock, when offices are closed but youth are connected, from one site of our vpn “i can’t make orders to central, this is too slow”.

How can you report to your boss that the traffic passing through high cost Cisco routers, fiber optics internet lines, is all mixed without difference priority based on if the traffic comes from offices or homes? I think that is time to apply protocols like QoS which can make internet traffic more reasonably.

QoS stands to accomplish the job to priorize internet traffic depending on the origin or the customer. It is necessary that customers who wants speed could pay a little more to receive that and other side, customers that have all night to download a film must pay a little more if they passed month limit traffic.

Perhaps in USA internet providers apply that technique, but in Europe, Spain, Cádiz, where i live i don’t think so. I do not believe that the internet and voice provider for the company i work, ONO, apply QoS to his internet customers and all traffic is considered as global. All traffic is of same priority, they do not mind if you are MD sending an important avi of an operation or you are a 12 years boy downloading last hero film.

I believe that all IT Managers think like me. Why not priorize all internet traffic and make customers pay for the size they download? Then why develop QoS if it is not applied?



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