Cloud computing with Amazon Web Services

octubre 12, 2010

Most of companys have a VPN to share data between sites and to access intranet applications. To maintain a VPN running nearly 100% is a complicated effort. It depends on the VPN class that our Internet Provider, on the number of devices we have installed at our site. Most of VPN have a cablemodem and a router that works as a VPN devices. Two devices have more issues than only one. If you have to maintain only internet access to share your data is the easiest way and sure the inexpensive one.

A company that grows is a company with a higher VPN and a higher ratio of issues at IT departament. I have experience with VPN of low number of sites, between 5 and 20, and low bandwith usage because applications at sites are those of sometimes used per day. Last week when we have an issue related to VPN traffic speed i ask to my account manager at Internet Provider Office if he could tell me someone with a VPN like one i manage. Account Manager didn’t found anyone because other VPN’s were of simetric type, that is same bandwidth at both directions, down and up. I ask for price of that and i was answered about 600 euros per month for a 2MB simetric line. That company had 5 sites, that is 3000 euros per month only to share data.

I can imagine the scenario of 5 offices all day working against servers at central office using a high bandwidth router to support that traffic, a pair of database servers o perhaps terminal servers, a backup system and one medium size ups to maintain power. By now i can’t calculate amount you need to get that, renting of equipment, including communications and support from an external company, perhaps it reaches 4.000 euros per month.

Let’s go to change that system to one of 5 simple sites connected to internet using an standard service of 50 euros per site/month: 250 euros. We have now 3750 euros to use in other class of infraestructure. What about if we use 1000 euros per moth to pay Amazon Web Services to get our servers virtualized, our data secure and backed up?

The question that will make companys decide to use cloud computing is the price they have to pay for high bandwidth communications between sites. Perhaps a little company with only a central office do not get added value if they use cloud computing but a company that grows must check if build a VPN or only internet access is the solution to their needs.

Here is a brief intro of using Amazon Web Services. It’s not a complicated product to manage, price is affordable, is a very robust and secure product, and finally it will make us again rest at night.



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