How different is waiting for an Apple update from a Microsoft one

julio 21, 2011

Today has been released OSX Lion and from Cádiz, Spain, i tried to connect to AppStore but servers are all busy. All OSX users, like me, want to see all that new features that Apple has included in this new version. Generally spoken Apple users accept updates because we trust on a good job from engineers.

On the other side, Windows users, are tired of service packs, software conflicts and promises that never get true. An update from Microsoft is a long way to success because you not always receive a good result. Many times an update fails and you get a message of conflict with other software or driver.

I think that both companies are different because their business model.

Apple sells products to accomplish user needs, well designed, robusts and with a long life. For Apple the operating system is just a part of the product, the applications are the support to make what users want with computers. Apple’s goal is make possible to record a video, edit easily it, and upload to Youtube using little knowledge and very litle mouse clicks.

Microsoft is focused on making an operating system for all users, all needs, all hardware, all technology, and this task are driving engineers to madness because Windows is getting on complexity rather than easily. Of course we know that Microsoft earns a lot of money with their learning business area: a new product version allways is paired with hours of learning.

I am not a visioner but i think that future will bring us, home users, a change: we will buy Apple products, iPad, iPhone, iMac, because they are easier and do not waste our time. At big companies users will still maintain their Windows desktops because is easier not to decide a change. Then what will happen at smb world? Microsoft or Apple? Now designers, photographers, developers are using Apple products. How much time will be necesary to convince others. Perhaps AppStore is the answer to the question. If you need accomplish a new business task and you look for software that installs, runs in seconds, and is cheap… what would you do if your friend told that and you are still using Windows?



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