Accessing legacy data directly from Oracle Database

agosto 5, 2011

Migration is a hard way if your CEO do not support a new system when the old one is still running. What can you do if nearly 85% of your company data is inside an Oracle 10g Database but you must support a few old applications that are using Microsoft Access, DBase V, Interbase 7.1, databases? Most of times the shortest way is to make a round of changing the actual system. In my case i used ODBC data links that are accessed from Oracle Database using database links. Let’s go to know how to do it.

First you must install Oracle Database in the server where you have your legacy data files. I use Oracle 10g XE, Express Edition, to test before to do it at production environment. Of course the server is running any Windows flavour because you will use ODBC technology. I used Windows 2000 Server SP4.

Once the database is up and running and you can access APEX from http://localhost:8080/apex then create all ODBC data sources you need.

Go to Control Panel, Administrative Tools, ODBC. We will create an ODBC data source to access DBase files. Go to System DSNs. Add one entry, label it “Legacy Data”, select “DBase Driver” and tell system where your .dbf files are.

Now is the moment to configure Oracle but first we will learn a little about Oracle internal configuration using .ora files.

There are a few .ora files that are located at :OracleHome:/product/10.2.0/server/network/admin: listener, tnsnames, sqlnet.



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