What are Windows 8 product developers focused on?

septiembre 20, 2011

While writting this post i am waiting to finish task “Expanding Windows files” from a Windows 8 developer preview installation into VirtualBox 4 running on my Mac. A few days ago i finished an upgrade to OSX Lion with no problems and with an user experience satisfaction. Windows 8, on the other hand, is still installing, after 10 minutes waiting at 25% of “Expanding…”.

I use OSX at home but still using Windows at office. Among other differences between this two operating systems, i think the main one is what product developers are focused on. I explain myself.

When using a Mac you are doing tasks to finish something important for you, your work, design, etc. You want details about what is really important for you concerning to your work, that is, it is being saved ok or not, printing ok or not, nothing else. OSX messages are famous because they never appear to end user. When you do things with OSX you do not see messages like “document saving”, “…printing”, and when you are installing a new program or even full operating system, you are not presented with details of what os is doing.

Windows, as you may know, shows us with tons on messages of what os is doing. Perhaps developers are not sure what they are doing and that’s why they notify users what tasks are progressing. Imagine that TV shows allways showed us that signal is ok, that is streamed at a higher level, even your TV has 8 hours of use, or your car telling that last curve was well done by you.

I think you are agree with me that those kind of messages are not important. We want just our computer did its work in an efficient manner, a silent one.

By the way, i rebooted twice, one at 25% and other at 18% of operation of decompressing files.
I also did a third install which finished with an error. Some could say that .iso file i downloaded was corrupt but that will produce an error at sane time point. Others could say that VirtualBox perhaps does not manage something…

No matter, i deleted .iso file and forget to have a look, and spent my time with windows. At office it does not matter, there is not my time.

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