Oracle launches APEX Applications Marketplace as a feature of Public Cloud Service

octubre 7, 2011

When i started using APEX i knew that it would be a great product. Prior to its actual name, APEX, it was HTML-DB, as a reference what APEX really is: a render engine of html content directly send to your browser from inside database and using PL/SQL language. APEX now is a mature product that would be a replacement for old Forms/Reports applications. That is the way Oracle wants for APEX.

As an APEX Developer now i am very happy because Oracle has launched its Public Cloud Service containing database service and selecting APEX as a development platform. Also, and that is the good new, Oracle planned an “Application Store” similar to others yet running, “APEX Applications Marketplace”. As you can see in this image, downloaded from, APEX Marketplace would have a look and feel similar what now we are used to in APPLE AppStore or Android Application Store.

Now is a great momentum for those organizations with Oracle Databases and old Forms/Reports applications still running. For Organizations that decided not to migrate to an J2EE infrastructure because that migration, from a Forms/Reports custom application, would cost a fortune. Now is time to accomplish migration projects that were left inside a drawer. From this lines i make a call to Oracle Partners for starting that service: migration of Forms/Reports applications to APEX framework.

And finally, other important fact is Public Cloud Service. Oracle has started in the cloud way with a platform that integrates all a business needs: security, database, development. As Oracle’s CEO, Larry Ellison, said at OOW 2011, “we want industry standards for development, Java and APEX”. Development now can be afforded in a mixture way: a little Java when needed, most of APEX to speed up development. You would be able to deploy a cloud infrastructure selecting from APEX Marketplace what applications you want to include in your instance. That’s all. Other hand, if using Amazon Web Services, like me, you must install OS, database, middleware, APEX, etc. prior to start development or deploy your application. Oracle strikes again!
Have a look at Oracle Public Cloud,



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