Now working with Oracle APEX 4.2 on Oracle Cloud

octubre 19, 2012

Oracle finally launched during Oracle Open World 2012 its long waited web development framework APEX 4.2. We are proud of Oracle effort to make a real fast web development environment and a hosting service where developers and companies like mine, TECNICA24,, can afford large developments with the warranty of success.

I’ve using Oracle APEX for a long time, from its first launch with its actual name, Oracle APEX, because before it was called HTML DB. If you never used this technology i would say that it is time to start because future comes with cloud technology. Oracle Cloud is a service where you can focus in just development and when going to production in running your application. No matter with backups and restores, and maintenance tasks, Oracle guys do that for us.

I am also using AWS from Amazon but now i can say that Oracle Cloud is better. What is the diference that make Oracle Cloud a winner? It is hosted in Oracle Exadata Machines, in a brand new datacenter in US and other in UK. Those machines process all transactions at same speed, no matter if you are an Oracle Cloud Database S5 customer with only a budget of 175$/month. You do not deal with processors, memory, disks assigned to your instance. All instances run together and share same performance! Yes, our transactions go at same speed that Database S50 users wich pay 2000$/month.


TECNICA24 is ready for development of the applications you need or even transform those packaged applications with the service. Yes, Oracle Cloud Database Service comes with a lot of functional applications wich you can transform in applications for your customers.

Thanks, Oracle. Thanks, Mr. Ellison.



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